Coachella 2019: Desert Data Edition

It is Friday, January 11, 2019. In case you forgot.
desert data

Coachella like you’ve never seen it before

Coachella released their 2019 lineup early last week to the usual mix of diehard fan acclaim and traditionalist rebukes. Notable headliners include Ariana Grande, Tame Impala, and Childish Gambino (you know about his name origin, right?). 

We decided to skip the usual festival commentary (Idris Elba is a DJ?) and take look at the data behind Coachella’s lineups over the years.

Below we’ve charted the top ten Coachella 2019 genres and how they’ve been represented at the festival over the last decade. Let’s look at what the data is telling us. 



The most glaring trend from the data is the fall of modern rock. Once the bread and butter of the Coachella lineup, the genre has fallen from 26% of the lineup to less than 10% since 2010.

Brostep is back

EDM music at the festival had been backsliding for several years but it appears to be making a comeback along with the adjacent tropical house (think Gryffin) and tech house (think Chris Lake) genres. 

Latin love

Spanish-language music made a big splash this year, comprising nearly 8% of the lineup. The trend is tough to see by looking at genre popularity because the Spanish-language artists span such a wide range of musical styles.

This year’s Latin lineup includes trap star Bad Bunny, Mexican norteño mainstay Los Tucanes de Tijuana, and Chilean singer-songwriter Mon Laferte.

Details for the data nerds

We used Spotify’s API to classify the genres of each artist in the lineup. The percentage value is the number of artists tagged with a given genre over the total artists in the lineup.

Note that because artists are tagged with multiple genres, the totals will not sum to 100%.

If you’re wondering, “what the hell is escape room?”, check out our dedicated page for the project. We’ve got an interactive version of the chart above, example artists for each genre, and detailed notes about methodology.
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