Computer science is so hot right now.

It is Monday, January 28, 2019. In case you forgot.
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Computer science majors. So hot right now.

With tech companies dishing out six-figure salaries to software engineers, it should come as no surprise that college students are all-but-trampling each other to get into computer science classes.

The number of undergraduate computer science majors between 2013 and 2017 has more than doubled.

Colleges are doing everything they can to handle the flood of would-be SDEs, from moving intro-level CS classes to the largest lecture halls on campus, to literally letting fate decide whether or not a student gets a spot.

But crowded classes and endless waitlists are just symptoms of the larger problem -- a shortage of qualified professors.

The /root of the problem

Unlike the flood of new CS undergrads over the last few years, the growth of PhD candidates has remained flat. Those doctoral candidates are the ones who go on to teach undergrad CS classes -- and they’re in short supply. 

The same tech money that’s inspiring the next generation of junior engineers is also making it hard for anyone to justify staying in school longer than they have to.

Why spend six more years slaving away in relative poverty for a PhD when you could start earning great money now?

Professor Moneybags left for Uber Academy

As if colleges weren’t already in a tough spot trying to find new professors, they’re also struggling to retain their current faculty. Companies like Uber have poached entire academic departments working on cutting-edge technology.

Professors specializing in artificial intelligence or machine learning can receive job offers in the millions

It’s clear that the demand for computer science education is only growing with each new class. Universities will have to find a way to keep up or students might be pressed to consider unaccredited for-profit options like coding bootcamps (some of which are starting to smell like University of Phoenix). 
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