Alexa's taking over your wifi and Amazon is shipping lockers to the desert

It is Wednesday, February 13, 2019. In case you forgot.

Amazon’s back in the news. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think.

The Amazon story everyone is talking about (no, not that story) is the acquisition of Eero -- the company trying to fix that pesky wifi dead zone in the upstairs bathroom that you only notice when you can’t refresh Instagram on the toilet.

Founded in 2014, Eero (ear-o, not arrow) was one of the first players in the mesh router game but has since fallen on tough times, laying off 20% of its staff last year -- ideal conditions for an Amazon come up.

Eero is the latest purchase on Amazon’s road to home-automation domination, following recent acquisitions of the robo-doorbell maker Ring and connected security cam company Blink.

The takeaway: Amazon wants Alexa to be the ringleader for all the devices in the connected home of tomorrow and to do so, it needs a solid connection everywhere.

Coachella on lock

Now, time for the Amazon story everyone should be talking about: The company announced that there will be Amazon lockers at Coachella this year.

The lockers will not only allow Coachella goers to place orders in advance, but also to get same-day deliveries while the festival is going on.

This actually makes complete sense, the average Coachella attendee is defined by a general lack of preparation. Whether it’s water, sunscreen, or a sleeping bag -- somebody’s forgetting something.

Coachella has happily capitalized on their trapped-in-a-desert store monopoly, charging an insane premium for essentials. But no longer! Now forgetful influencers can have their selfie sticks shipped straight to the festival.

Here’s our Coachella Amazon checklist:

also, this


Hot Job!


2ndKitchen is a Brooklyn-based startup helping bars, coffee shops, and co-working spaces offer great local eats without the need for having an in-house kitchen. Proprietors can put together a custom menu of dishes from restaurants in the area for their clientele to order from and 2ndKitchen handles the rest.

They’re hungry for great talent (get it?).

Check the job board for open roles.
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