Highlights from Fast Company's annual top innovators list

It is Friday, February 22, 2019. In case you forgot.

Highlights from Fast Company's annual top innovators list

This week Fast Company published its annual list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies and it’s safe to say the past year had no shortage of business brilliance.

From multi-generational media behemoths like Disney to African higher-education institutions, the list really runs the gamut.

But who has time to read 50 innovation case studies? (besides, you know, us)

Here’s a few of our favorites: 
(spoiler alert: they’re startups and they’re hiring)

Databases can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a technical background. But if you’re going to work in tech, you’re going to have to make data-driven decisions. Enter your new best friend -- Airtable.

Airtable’s database platform can be used by anyone (technical or not) and helps more than 80,000 businesses big and small manage projects, build apps, and track everything in between. 

There’s huge promise in making the power of data and automation more accessible to everyone in a business without the need for code. 

Customer Success Associate @ Airtable  

Apeel Sciences produces a plant-derived, edible peel that coats fruits and vegetables that dramatically extend the shelf life. It turns out that longer-lasting produce is great for both business and the environment. Major grocery chains including Kroger and Costco who now carry Apeel-treated produce have seen their profit margins go up and their food waste go down.

Food waste is an immense issue (nearly half of all food we produce in the US goes to waste) and Apeel stands to make a real difference.

Marketing & PR Intern (Summer) @ Apeel  

It’s 2019 and we’ve definitely reached peak Hypebeast -- the sneaker resale market is now a $1 billion industry. GOAT has positioned itself in the center of this wild world and business is booming. Recently snagging a $100 million investment from Foot Locker, GOAT is the premier marketplace for new and used sneakers.

Junior Product Photographer @ GOAT  

Plaid builds the technology that allows financial applications to interact with your banking information. When you connected your bank account to Venmo, that was Plaid-powered.

Their product is an API that makes it simple for app developers to access a consenting consumer's financial data. Plaid handles the messy infrastructure and security headaches of integrating with thousands of banks, bringing down the barrier to entry for developers.

Behind the scenes Plaid is powering a whole generation of finance-related products making people’s lives easier. 

Software Engineer - Intern @ Plaid
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