Journalism students shouldn't be worried about their job prospects -- here's why

It is Tuesday, February 26, 2019. In case you forgot.
If you’re a journalism student we can totally understand why you might be feeling concerned about your career prospects.

In the last few months, some of the hottest digital media companies have laid off significant portions of their staff, or in the case of Mic, shut down completely.

We’ve talked about why this is happening in a previous edition but to quickly reiterate, there were two main contributors to the latest digital media cutbacks:
  • A 2016/2017 pivot-to-video craze that led to overinvestment in video but ultimately fell flat
  • An overdependence on social media for traffic (see Upworthy)
Before you go and switch your major, we’re here to tell you that now is an awesome time to pursue a career in journalism -- if you’re willing to accept the broadening definition of what a “journalist” is.

Journalism opportunities are on the rise, just not the Anderson Cooper kind

On Monday, Recode published a report based on data from LinkedIn showing that while total hires for “PR/Comms” and “Journalism” positions have been on the decline, opportunities in “Social Media” and “Content” are on the up-and-up.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “content is king” (which is actually a Bill Gates quote). While content hasn’t quite translated to a royal payday for companies like Buzzfeed and Vice, for many startups content has become a cornerstone of growth strategy.

It’s easy to write off content marketing, social media management, and other startup content roles as simple traffic acquisition gimmicks, but they’re often much more.

Brands are investing in great reporting

Take Mel magazine for example, a branded content outfit of Dollar Shave Club, which looks more like Vice than the toilet reader you might expect from a men's grooming product vendor.

It now covers everything from pop culture to health, work, and relationships -- the publication hit 2.8 million unique visits last July.

Startups are hungry for young, motivated writers with a strong journalism education and an understanding of how to give the people what they want.

While we can’t promise you’ll be breaking the next Trump dossier, rest assured that you’ll be working on impactful projects with pay and benefits that reflect a real appreciation for your craft.

in other news
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