GameStop, meet Blockbuster -- the video game streaming revolution is well underway.

It is Monday, February 4, 2019. In case you forgot.
fortnite and chill

Netflix-style video game streaming services are upon us

The thought of buying a CD at Tower Records and then coming home and popping it into your stereo is now nothing more than a distant memory -- although apparently cassettes are making a comeback

Companies like Netflix and Spotify have radically changed the way that people consume film, television, and music. Streaming gives consumers access to a near-infinite amount of content available anywhere with an internet connection for a monthly fee.

As retro as it sounds, there’s still an industry where people go to the store, buy a disc, and put it into a big, expensive machine. That industry is gaming.  

While most new consoles offer the ability to download games directly to the hard drive, a Nielsen survey showed that a majority of console gamers still prefer going out and buying a hard copy of the game. Most popular video games cost $50-$60 and the consoles (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch) usually range from $300-$500.  

The gaming industry is ripe for a disruption from streaming, but what would that look like?

No Console, No Discs, No Problem

Imagine paying one monthly subscription fee to access all your favorite games. All you’ll need is a screen, a controller (or keyboard), and an internet connection.

The actual processing of the game will be done in the cloud and streamed to your device -- saving you the need to buy an expensive console. 

The stage has been set for streaming games, now the only question is who is going to make it happen?

Streaming Battlefield

Well, basically everyone is looking for a piece of the action, including Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, Google, and Sony.  

Google and Microsoft were early movers in the space and now Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch its own video game streaming service.

This comes as no surprise considering the cloud-computing power of AWS and the obvious potential synergy between Amazon and the uber-popular live-streaming service Twitch (which Amazon acquired back in 2014).

Let the game-streaming wars begin.  
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