How to set yourself apart from other candidates in the application process

Gooood morning! 🎙New podcast episode dropping today with James Corcoran. James is the founder of esports company (acquired in 2017) and the current head of product management at Mobalytics. 
Many candidates we work with assume that landing a job is a simple numbers game -- they apply to dozens (sometimes hundreds -- seriously) of positions through job boards with a cookie-cutter cover letter and hope for the best. 

As with most things in life, applying for a job is about quality over quantity. Recruiters want to meet with candidates who are uniquely excited to work for their company. Putting in the work to really stand out with a few companies will go a long way. 

Here are a few strategies to get noticed when applying:

1. Reach out to the recruiter on LinkedIn

Recruiters are constantly stalking candidates on LinkedIn, so they'll likely be responsive to LinkedIn messages. Don't be afraid to connect and invite them to take a look at your profile. Tell them how excited you are to be considered, and let them know why you're particularly interested in working for their company.

That being said, recruiters are extremely busy so be respectful of their time and understanding if they aren't as responsive as you'd like.

2. Talk to people in the position you’re applying to

Reach out to someone who works in the position you’re applying to and offer to buy them a coffee, or if that’s not possible, ask to hop on a quick call to learn more about their experience in the role.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of “bothering” people, remember that most companies offer bonuses in the thousands for employees who refer a successful new hire. 

Even if the person doesn't end up referring you, you'll probably gain valuable insight into how the company works that will help you position yourself later during the interviews.

3. Go to events and meet prospective employers face to face

Attending job fairs and on-campus speaking events are a no brainer, but many company employees also participate in local tech events (panels, info sessions, volunteering, etc).

Seek out these events (company social media accounts are a great place to look) and meet people in person. Don’t view these events as opportunities to sell yourself. Instead, showcase your curiosity and personality. 

For example, if you’re listening to a product manager speak on a panel about designing their app’s user experience then pull up their app and find a couple things about the interface that stand out to you. If you get a few minutes to chat after the panel tell them about your impression of the app (be careful with criticism) and ask why certain decisions were made. 

Getting in front of the right people and asking good questions will go a long way in forming relationships that could be a huge asset down the road. 

If you’re looking for more advice in this area, we recently interviewed tech recruiter Blake Overholt from Insightly in San Francisco. Blake shares his experiences with candidates who really knew how to set themselves apart. 
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He previously founded, a site that was essentially the ESPN of the gaming world that published information on everything esports. was acquired by Mobalytics in 2017 and has since ceased operation.

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