How to show startups you mean business with your resume

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Introducing Humpday Career Advice, our new Wednesday column where we feature actionable steps you can take to make yourself a standout candidate for startup jobs.

First order of business, let’s talk resumes. 

Impact > Responsibilities

Students are constantly asking about resume design: how many pages (please make it one), where to put their education section, whether to include a summary etc. 

We will definitely get to resume design eventually, but the most important part of your resume isn’t how it looks -- it’s what it says.

Startups are looking for candidates with a bias for action who understand how to tie their efforts to business goals and measure their impact.

When describing work history on your resume, you’ll want to highlight the impacts you made on the business/club/team, not just the tasks you were responsible for.

Let’s look at two descriptions for the same position:

Your run-of-the-mill position description:

Director of Communication, UCSB Surf Club
Santa Barbara, CA  -- September 2018-present
  • Managed social media presence for the surf club by writing blog posts and creating video content.

Your "I know what I'm doing" position description:

Director of Communication, UCSB Surf Club
Santa Barbara, CA  -- September 2018-present
  • Wrote 30 blog posts and produced 50 hours of video content that accumulated over 10,000 views across various social media platforms.
*we're underlining for emphasis here, that's not necessary on your actual resume.

The second description is more specific (wrote and produced), it quantifies your accomplishments (30 blog posts and 50 hours of video), and measures the impact you made (10,000 views aka exposure generated). 

Now it’s your turn. Spend some quality time with your resume and find a few bullets where you can replace responsibilities with impact. 

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